How to give up chaos and learn from silence

Give Up Chaos and Learn From Silence


You may not realize how chaotic your life is compared to how peaceful it could be. No doubt, you believe the chaos you experience, including noise from your internal voice, is set to flow.

However, it's possible to make room for silence. Indeed, you can alter your lifestyle to accommodate peace and tranquility. Busy or not, you can enjoy the peace stemming from a calm mind.

When you tap into stillness, you'll discover the wisdom of your higher self and gain greater awareness.

Always Start the Day with Calm

If you only do one thing to achieve tranquility, ensure it's beginning the day with a calm mindset. You may already get up early in the morning. You'll benefit from rising even sooner,

though if it means you can take 10 minutes to yourself. During this time, sit quietly and form an intention to carry into the day. Imagine you're breathing in qualities like peace, understanding,

and confidence. Sri Chinmoy, who was a renowned Indian spiritual leader, once stated, We can change the world, but not improve it, if we do not have peace.

The same holds true for you; achieving inner peace, will allow you to work on self-improvement.

Also, allow wisdom from your higher mind to surface. Ideas about how to adopt the mindset you desire may occur. In the stillness, the sage-like part of you has space to speak.

It tries all the time, but often, you block it with self-criticism and worries. You'll learn to recognize internal guidance by practicing being calm and quiet.

Maintain Tranquility

You can only control the environment to an extent, such as the way you arrange your furniture. At other times, your surroundings are beyond governance.

You do control the stillness inside yourself though. When faced with external chaos, take deep breaths to inspire a sense of calm.

Additionally, hold the intention to maintain tranquility within, despite what's happening around you.

Aiming to sustain stillness will aid the new habit of living a more peaceful life. "If you have inner peace, nobody can force you to be a slave to the outer reality,"

once said Sri Chinmoy. Also, you will notice your intuition more. You'll learn to focus on your internal guidance system.

As you tap in, you'll receive inner wisdom throughout the day. Additionally, your brain will form new pathways accommodating peace and tranquility.

Sometimes, giving up chaos may not seem like a choice; external noise is not within your control. Nonetheless, your thoughts are controllable.

You can create a mindset supporting tranquility by starting the day with calm. Also, aim to keep your peaceful energy. Don't allow disturbances in the environment to influence you.

Doing so will let you tap into the wisdom of your higher self and connecting with inner guidance will become second nature to you.

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