How to girl scouts household elf

Girl Scouts Household Elf


It's great to have a clean home and even better to have a green home. Make a project that will help your family be stewards of the environment.

Using natural and reuseable products helps our environment.

Today, you will make a reusable soap dispenser from a mason jar.

Prep the surface of the outside of the glass mason jar by rubbing the glass with an alcohol swab.

Lay the glass on its side in your tin tray and put the lid and pump dispenser aside for the time being.

Unscrew the lid of the alcohol ink color you'd like to start with. Squeeze a drop of ink on the glass and let it fall. Tip the glass so the ink slides around. Use your alcohol swab to dab slightly.

Add more ink colors to get your desired coverage around the glass jar. Give the jar about 8 minutes to dry.

Screw on jar lid and pump dispenser. Now you are ready for some handmade designer suds!

Take home and fill with a natural cleaning solution, such as lemon juice, jojoba oil and distilled water. Refill as needed to re-use.

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