How to girl scout book artist badge

Girl Scout Book Artist Badge


Muse Prep: Gather vision board supplies AND a composition book.

When I’ve earned this badge, I’ll know how to make different kinds of books. Book are containers for words, pictures and information. What will your "book" contain?

Books: Think about the different types- board books, paperback, hardback, a Bible, a Kindle for an electronic book. Similarities? Differences? Pros/cons?

1.Explore the art of bookbinding 2.Get familiar with the insides of a book

Examine the composition notebook. How is it made? use scissors to take the binding partially apart. (Save for other troops.)

Remaining Book Artist Badge Goals: Try out a book artist techniques and focus on function and style. The vision board can be used for memory keeping or future planning.

The craft of documenting memories has evolved but the basic human need to share words and pictures has stayed the same.

How do we record our stories and memories? Technology progression: Stories, Books, Photo albums, Scrapbooks, Videos, Social Media. Where is the vision board in the memory keeping chronology?

Function: Scrapbooking has evolved and the display boards we are making can be used to tell your story of memories or goals for future.

Technique: First, put on apron. Aprons are located in table caddies. Must be unfolded like produce bags.

Paint the wood frame using acrylic paint-located on the embellishment shelf. Painters-cups and paint brushes next to paints.

You can also use the paper punches and scrap paper to create different backgrounds for your photos or magazine clippings.

While the paint is drying, visit our embellishment shelf and get creative with different mixed media to customize your vision board. Embellishments can be glued on the frame or clothespins.

Great job! Now use your display board to narrate your story to the group. What does your board say about you or your memories?

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