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How to get yourself a job as an artist in film industry

Get Yourself a Job as an Artist in Film Industry


This guid is good if your looking to do the following: - concept art - story boards - cover art - general art within a movie

You must first find someone in the film industry. Preferably a developer. If you can't find someone in "Big" industries. You should try asking recently graduated film students, they are more likely-

To accept your offer and it's a good way to start out. If you can get a hold of someone, you will have to prove in someway that you are good enough to be there employe. This will require-

Some examples of your art and knowledge of art. Maybe if you have any certificates or degrees in art, or if you are my age and don't not have as much access to these things you could present-

Some of your artworks and show you have a strong knowledge in art ( so pic the works you have that use a lot of rules in art, but only show what u can produce regularly don't go showing the one off-

Artwork that you will never be able to do again. Or you will get yourself caught!) Besides that the main rules are reach out, present and deliver.

  • A good supply of art stuff
  • A scanner (common need)
  • A drawing tablet
  • Strong knowledge in art