How to get the most out of your cue sheet

Get the Most Out of Your Cue Sheet


I have trouble with cue sheets: --The type is always too small on the files supplied

--If it's pouring, when it comes time to turn the sheets over, and you must take them out of their holder, or bag, and they get soaked

--When I look down at the list of turns, it's very hard to figure out at a quick glance where I am on the sheet in order to figure out what the next turn should be.

By the time I have, I've either missed the turn or crashed So, this was my solution:

--First I reformat the file so that the type is much, much bigger. I eliminate all the columns except point-to-point milage, turn direction, and turn instructions (see photo below)

--Then I take the printed pages and trim them to around 6" in width, and tape them all together, end to end, resulting in a long, continuous sheet

--I tape the start to the top roller, roll it all up onto the roller, tape the bottom to the lower roller, then roll it all onto the lower roller—voilá—ready to roll.

Now, each time I make a turn I simply turn the crank to bring the next turn into view; each time I glance down at the cue sheet I see exactly what turn I'm headed for in an instant—

no scanning a long list, trying to remember the last turn I took. And there's never a need to take the sheets out of the water-tight box in the rain.

I take life one step at a time, and that's how my Q-Box serves it up.

  • 1.0 pencil box
  • 2.0 wooden dowels