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How to get rid of the useless apple apps

Get Rid of the Useless Apple Apps


You know all those annoying apps you never use, like stocks, compass, and apple watch? you can remove them from your home page, but still be able to use them!

Put all the apps you don't want into the one folder.

Hold down on one app until they start wiggling.

Drag an app to the last page in the folder. Drop it, and move it to the next page, but don't let go of it!

Move it into the top right corner of the folder box, still not letting go of it, and press the home button.

It should have moved up to the top left of your screen, meaning it has disappeared from the home screen, but you can still search for it should you ever need to use it.

Repeat with all your unwanted apps to have an uncluttered iPhone home screen!

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