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Everyone gets bored and today i am going to tell you some things you can do to get rid of boredom!

#1: repeat the same word over and over until it loses its meaning

#2: call your friend and convince them the world is ending xD

#3: annoy your family by talking in a british accent! (or italian) xD

#4:Go on google images and close your eyes. Then type a letter. Press and hold the down key and at a random time stop holding the down key press enter and see what you clicked on very fun with friends

#5: Find some marshmellows and throw them at things :D

#6: Play your ipod music really loud and plug in your earphones. Place them in your ears and run around your house dancing.

#7: Have a water garguling contest with your friend :)

#8: make up your own language!!!

#9: take magizines and draw on celebrites!

#10: Dress up as your favorite person and have a tea party with stuffed animals :)

#11: tell your pet a secret! (if you dont have a pet take someone elses)

#12: go to a public place and "people watch"

#13: play the clouds shapes game

#14: alter a piece of clothing you never wear

#15: make a tent or hideout indoors!!

#16: sit outside and doodle

#17: write a list of things you want for christmas

#18: rearrange your room and take everything off the walls and put new things up

#19: take one photograph every hour

#20: alphabetize your movies or books

#21: make paper snowflakes! <3

Hope you guys arent bored any more! Bye guys <3

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