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First put about 3 tbs of water into a cup. Then put about 1-2 tbs of salt into the cup with the water

Stir and stick the q-tip into the solution for about 30 seconds.

Put the q- tip onto your pimple or zit and let it sit there you can also rub it on. But sometimes they hurt so you might not want to do that 😊

Then you stick the other q-tip into the solution and roll them from the redness of the zit or pimple to the center of the pimple

Keep rolling them inwards until it pops. This may take a couple of try's. keep the q-tip on the pimple. Then once you think the pus is gone hold 1 q-tip on it for another 30 seconds

It will get irritated but put honey on it to reduce the redness and swelling

Then give it some time and the pimple will go away! Thanks for looking! Hope it helps!

  • 3.0 Q-tips/cotton swabs
  • Water
  • Cup
  • Salt
  • Honey