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First your going to need a bag. Depending what grade you are in, you are going need a bag that holds text books and a notebook

Second, your going to need a folder. If you don't want to use a folder that's ok but you do need a notebook to write your notes in but If you use a folder put paper in😊

Third you need a small pencil bag or you could just bring three pencils and a pen with you

If your a girl then you defiantly need a period kit just in case for that suprise☺

This is totally up to you but if you like keep your hands clean bring a travel size hand sanitizer

A book📔 just in case you finish a test and there's nothing to do

Your phone! But do not txt during class or driving. You might miss something important and during driving you can get in a car accident

Buy some new clothes👠👗👖you don't need to do this but who doesn't want new clothes!

If your going to a new school and you wear uniforms make sure they fit

And be yourself. Good luck😊

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