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How to get people to join your clan in clash of clans

Get People to Join Your Clan in Clash of Clans


First create a clan by going on the clan castle and clicking create clan.

Add a good description. Describe what your clan is all about and and give all the rules.

Pick a good title. Ever heard the saying people judge a book bye its cover, well it's the same for clans.

Constantly invite members who don't have a clan symbol next to their name. The best way is to go into your league and look on the list of people that are not in a clan.

When someone does join be respectful to them and you will get that respect back (most of the time)

Do not promote everyone to elder because some people wanna get laughs by kicking everyone out or promoting everyone to elder.

Donate a lot and strike up a conversation. People love clans that are social and donate troops.

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Also you probably won't muster an amazing clan in one takes time.

  • Clash of clans app
  • 40,000 gold