How to get over your ex and make him jealous

Get Over Your Ex and Make Him Jealous


One make friends with his best friend

Two Start going out with his best friend

Three of you've got the same classes as him then ignore him completely and focus more on his best friend (do this step Evan if you haven't done step two and one!)

Make friends with his girlfriend

Have fun without him but where he can see

Give him a slight sad look every now and then

Become friends with the person he hates the most

Hi f,your wondering why I made this guide it's because my ex boyfriend Broke up with me Cheated on me Lied to me AND WORST OF ALL WITH MY BFF!!!!

WHAT WAS THEY THINKING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?!?!?!???!?! IM SO MAD AT HIM😡AND HER!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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