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How to get med refills in amsterdam

Get Med Refills in Amsterdam


I guess my snap guide will be a walk through on traveling abroad (backpacking) on a tight budget as I come across certain situations.

I need to take meds regularly and some I could not get a script for entire trip so this is a work around I found in Amsterdam when stopped over. In no detail some meds are illegal in every country

But in general taking doctor records is recommended just in case but if you are in Amsterdam it is very simple and straight forward. First find your nearest pharmacy (look for a green cross sign).

Note the location. Next email ( advising you are looking for med refills.

They will contact you back about the conditions, medicines, dosage, and frequency. Reply with personal info, med info, and ensure to list nearest pharmacy address as they call it in.

You will receive an email to confirm it is ready for pickup. No records needed, no appointment, just a 30 euro phone consult charge. I was able to get a months worth of medicine.

*note this was Amsterdam but will update shortly as I need refills and next stop is Barcelona in one week. For specifics please private message. But all info I found on the web never answers my issue.

  • Electronic copy of records (just in case)