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How to get frizz-free hair naturally!

Get Frizz-Free Hair Naturally!


So, right after you get out of your nighttime shower, put your hair up in a towel or squeeze the water out of your hair with the towel.

Your hair should be wet, but not dripping wet. (Do NOT ever dry your hair with a hair dryer! It frizzes your hair badly. Only do it when your late to an event.)

Then your going to brush through your hair all the way! This may take some time if you have curly or thick hair. (I have both)

After it's all brushed out, let it air dry for and hour. Then put it in a loose braid. You want to do this so your hair doesn't get tangled while sleeping.

The next morning, when you take out the braid, there is no need to to brush your hair because it's already brushed! Brushing frizzes hair crazily!

I only brush my hair after a shower, so my hair doesn't get the frizzes and so it doesn't break. Breakage in hair can cause frizziness and flyaways.

Once You take your hair out of the braid, you can have frizz free hair all day! Since the braid was loose, it dried the hair, and since the hair was braided, it's not tangled. Which means no brushing

Breakage in hair=frizz Blow drying=frizz Brushing dry hair=frizz Tangled hair=frizz

  • 1.0 Ball tipped brush
  • 1.0 Clean, wet head of hair
  • 1.0 Ponytail holder