To Get a Cavity: Eat sugar pops for breakfast and forget to brush your teeth. Don't even rinse your mouth out with water or use floss.

To get a cavity: For snack at 10 o'clock eat A fruit roll up and don't brush or rinse out or use floss.

To get a cavity , have a coke with your sandwich for lunch. Don't brush , floss, or rinse out.

To get a cavity, For dessert have cracker jacks. Don't brush, floss, or rinse out !

To get a cavity , For dinner have turkey and green beans and mashed potatoes. For dessert have 4 Oreo cookies . Do not brush , floss or rinse.

To get a cavity: At bedtime forget to take the fluoride chewable supplement your dentist prescribed for you.

To get a cavity: When the dentist suggests that he place sealants on the grooves of your teeth to prevent cavities, tell him no.

That is how we get a cavity.

This is a cavity!

This is a cavity!

To NOT get a cavity, Avoid sugary cereals, do not eat fruit roll ups, floss once each day, rinse 3x after meals and snacks with warm water. Use fluoride toothpaste .

Two excellent flossers at work!

Two excellent flossers at work!

Have sealants put on your teeth when you have your permanent molars and premolars, and remind mom to give you your fluoride tablet if your dentist says to do it.

The End

  • Coke or pepsi cola diet or regular
  • Fruit rollups
  • Oreo cookies
  • Sugar pops cereal
  • Cracker Jacks