How to gain instagram followers

Quick guide on how to gain instagram followers.


Hashtags, here are some of the most popular hashtags. Put these under your pictures and you'll get more likes.

Popular Hashtags

Popular Hashtags

Nice quality pictures. If you want more followers you don't want to have fuzzy or low quality photos.

Shoutouts. It's okay to do shout outs once in a while but don't go overboard doing 20 shoutouts a day, that annoys people and you will lose followers instead of gain.

When you follow people make sure you like some of there pictures and comment on some. They'll see your an active follower and might return likes, comments, and follow back.

I hoped this helped! Make sure you comment your Instagram name below so other people can check out your account. My Instagram username: @datgirldes and @dvtgirldes

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