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How to fix glyphicons for bootstrap 3. in ruby on rails

Fix Glyphicons for Bootstrap 3. In Ruby on Rails


Unzip the bootstrap downloaded files. Move your preferred CSS and JS files into their respective folders in your App's assets directory. Almost done!

Next, move the fonts folder from your bootstrap download into your App's assets directory with stylesheets, javascripts, and images. This is where most people get stuck with broken Glyphicons. -->

The rest is simple. In the /config/application.rb file in your app's root directory, below "class Application < Rails::Application", add this : config.assets.paths << "{Rails}/vendor/assets/fonts"

Now your Glyphicons are free to fly again!

Now your Glyphicons are free to fly again!

  • 1.0 Bootstrap 3 Download from
  • Upgradable Rails App/bootstrap install
  • About 5 minutes