How to fix "cannot get our host" on x-plane 10 linux/os x

Fix "Cannot Get Our Host" on X-Plane 10 Linux/OS X


First, go to system preferences. Click on network settings. Then you will see the wifi (or else, ethernet) selection. Copy your IP address. This is your local ip.

On your mac, open the terminal app. You can find the terminal app by clicking on the search icon on the top right of the mac menu.

Once the terminal has been opened, type in "sudo nano /etc/hosts" this will open the hidden hosts file in a editable form.

Enter your root password. This might be nothing, so if you have no luck just don't type anything and hit enter. However, try your user password first.

You will be presented with your host files. Press down on the arrow key until you are beneath the first couple of hosts. Add a new line and type your local IP address and "macintosh" for the host name

Press ctrl + o (to save) and hit enter. Now exit by hitting ctrl + x

This should fix the problem! However, if you can't connect your iPad/iPhone to x-plane 10 then follow on...

On your iOS device, go to settings > wifi > select your wifi arrow button > copy down the IP address. This is your iOS local ip.

Fire up x-plane 10. Go to settings > network > iPhone (or whatever respective device you own) and check the remote selection (if you're using the iOS remote). Enter your iOS local ip with 1400

Hit enter and you should be all set! open your xplane remote app and start flying.

  • 1.0 X-Plane 10
  • 1.0 Fully functional broadband connection
  • 1.0 Computer with OS X or Linux
  • 1.0 Root password