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Do not spend more than $10, read the reviews and make sure people have good things to say about the company

The glass repair kits are model specific (i.e. if you have an iPhone 3G you will buy a different screen then if you have an iPhone 3GS)

The mini magnetic screw driver is a must and use a kitchen towel do the tiny screws dot roll around and fall off the table

Remove 2 screws at the bottom of the phone

Use suction cup to lift the glass out of the phone body

There are 3 wires that attach the glass To the phone, you need to detach all of them

Remove the 6 tiny screws on the sides of the phone

Remove the glass from the touch screen

Hear up the old glass with the hair dryer to melt the glue, you have to remove the metal frame from the glass. Remove broken glass from metal frame

Remove the goo

Use supplied 3M adhesive to attach new glass to metal frame

Repeat steps 1-7 in reverse order

  • 1.0 Suction cup
  • Repair kit
  • Mini magnetic screw driver
  • Kitchen towel
  • Hair dryer
  • 3M adhesive