How to find the right hairstyle for your face shape

Find the Right Hairstyle for Your Face Shape


1. First, you want to determine your face shape. You can do this by pulling back your hair and looking in the mirror, or by looking at photos of yourself.

They're are 6 face shapes; Oblong, Diamond, Heart, Oval, Round, and Square. Let's start with the oval shape. If you have an oval face, your the widest at your cheekbones and have a narrow jawline.

If you have this shape, congrats! Whether it's long curls or a sleek bob you can wear pretty much anything.

The second face shape is oblong. Your face will usually be longer then it is wider, almost like a rectangle. Your jawline should be rounded.

Hairstyles for oblong face shapes hit above or below the chin, and not right at the chin. The reason for this is to not draw attention to your strong jawline. Short, choppy layers are amazing for this

The third shape is the square shape. You have an angular jawline and your face is the same length as it it height. Wear long hair, whether it's wavy or straight. Avoid blunt bangs, but side bangs work

The diamond face shape has high cheek bones and it's slightly longer then it is wide. You have a pointed chin.

Keep it short to medium length and lots of layers to show off your amazing bone structure! A layered bob is absolutely amazing for your shape! Bangs are amazing, but not anything short then the brow.

Round faces are about as wide as they are long and have a round jawline. Avoid bobs, they make it look like your wearing a helmet. Long, layered cuts are the best and blunt bangs hide a large forehead

The last shape, the heart shaped face, is wide at the forehead, full at the cheekbones, and narrow at the chin. Hairstyles that compliment your perfect cheekbones without hiding your chin are best.

Longer bobs with feathery ends are great for this! Stay away from height at the crown and wear wispy side swept bangs.

What really helps is googling other people with the same face shape to get some hairstyle ideas. For example, Reese Witherspoon has a heart shapes face. Eva Mendez has a oval face.

And finally, go to the hairdresser and get that new hairstyle! Add a little something extra such as highlights or a treatment.

And that's it! :) Thanks for reading, and I hope you enjoyed this guide!

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