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How to find out your restriction passcode on your ipad

Find Out Your Restriction Passcode on Your iPad


You will need to download a program on your pc at home called backup extractor, and follow the instruction to install the program. (download link: )

You will now need to connect your iPad to the computer through the the USB connector cord.

On the left hand side of the screen you will see your iPad connected , right click on the your iPad and click backup.This will take about half an hour depending on how much space is taken on your iPad

After that has been completed open up the program backup extractor.

Click on the drop bar in the middle of your screen and go to your latest iOS backup and select extract and choose the place for it to be saved.

After that is completed navigate through the extracted backup to library and preferences. Find the file called and open it in the property list editor.

It should then show you your pass code below.

You can now unplug your iPad from your pc. You can now get into the iPad as usual.

After you are in your iPad go to the settings and scroll down to restrictions and put in the code that you got from the backup extractor.

  • 1.0 iPad
  • 1.0 Windows 7 pc
  • 1.0 Internet access