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How to find out where your dairy products are really from

Find Out Where Your Dairy Products Are Really From


I have a strong curiosity about who makes what, and for who. This site is for dairy products. Very easy to use. Just go to: Follow the instructions on the page ->

You will need the "Plant Number" (aka Plant no. or Plant #) Usually a number like this XX-XXXX Simply enter the number in the search box, hit enter. Find out who made the product and where.

Find out who is making the store brand for your favorite grocer. This works for milk, yogurt, ice cream, cottage cheese and many more products.

I found out that the delicious cottage cheese sold at my local Aldi's, was actually made by Hood, a long time favorite of mine!

Read the note on the container, they listed 3 different plant #'s. Then by looking at the date code on the edge of the lid, it showed a letter abbreviation that was keyed to the codes on the container

You can also google: "WHERE'S MY MILK FROM" and it will take you to this very cool site.

Now if the USDA would publish "EST #", we would also know where our meat came from!!! All meat products with the USDA seal have an EST # printed in tiny numerals on the USDA badge.

Why the USDA can not do a simple look-up search, is beyond my comprehension. Hopefully someone who reads this, might be able to suggest it to our pub servants. Food does not need to be anonymous!