How to exercise at a desk

Exercise at a Desk


Exercise 1: Lower Body Stretch: Sit in your desk chair, feet flat on the ground. Extend one leg out in front of you and hold for 10 seconds. Repeat 15 times for each leg.

Exercise 2: Hamstring Curl: Stand behind your chair and hold onto the back of it for support. Bend one knee while kicking the foot up behind you towards your back. Lower and repeat 10x with each leg.

Exercise 3: Shoulders: Sit up straight in your chair and roll back your shoulders until your shoulder blades are pinched, release and repeat 15 times.

Exercise 4: Squats: Stand in front of your chair and squat into the sitting chair position. Repeat 15 times.

Exercise 5: Single-leg Lunge: Stand in front of your chair, balance one foot on your chair seat and lunge forward. Balance yourself by putting your hands on hips. Repeat 10x each leg.

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