How to enjoy a day at the beach

Enjoy a Day at the Beach


Bring some friends with you.

Bring a beach chair that can get wet and sandy.

Bring a beach bag with tanning oil and A LOT of sunscreen. You don't want to get burned.

If you like to read, bring a good book to get lost in while sitting at the edge of the water.

Don't forget a beach towel or two:one to lay on and one to dry off with after spending time in the ocean.

Bring an iPod with all your favorite music to listen to while you are laying in the sand tanning or taking a nice long nap.

Bring games and boogie boards, surfboards, wake boards, or knee boards.

Go for a long walk barefoot in the sand while the water washes over your feet.

Collect shells. Limit yourself. Without the limit, they add up pretty quickly and you'll bring home a trunk full of shells.

Do yoga.

Bring a notebook and pen or nook to write in.


Put some headphones on, sunglasses on, lie on your stomach, and people watch.

Have a bonfire party if the beach allows fires. Play music, roast marshmallows, and hang out with friends.

Search for dolphins.

Draw or write in the sand. Take a picture of the final product.

If there's a boardwalk, play there. Some boardwalks have arcade games, ride roller coasters, fair food, and free summer concerts on the sand.

Have a picnic. Pack fancy cheeses and luscious fruits and indulge at the beach.

Play frisbee.



Read magazines. Bring a shade umbrella.

Build a sand castle.

Go window shopping in the seaside shops.

Do water sports!

Play hula hoop, catch, jump rope, or fly a kite.

Write poetry.

Meet people. Make new friends by starting up a conversation or playing beach volleyball or some sort of sand sport.

Take photographs.

Search for historic sites.

Catch up on phone calls.

Look for little critters.

Watch the sunset.

Daydream. It's so relaxing and gives you a break from the world.

Go on a scavenger hunt and collect shells, rocks, seaweeds, sea glass, sand, or anything else you can find that will bring memories.

Hunt for buried treasure. Dig in the sand to find trinkets, treasures, sand dollars, etc.

Get some exercise. Do water aerobics, dance, or jog.

Engage in imaginative play. Cook and bake in the sand.

Go on an active adventure, like a fun hike. Talk a walk, climb on rocks, splash in the waves, jump off sand dunes, etc.

Make sand angels.

Don't forget about safety. Load up on sunscreen, water, and wear a hat. Do not get dehydrated and do not get burnt.

Make footprints or handprints in the sand. "Finger paint" in the sand.

Bury someone's feet and body in the sand. Another option is to create a mermaid tail after you've buried the body, or add clothing, etc.

Look for rocks to paint.

Pick up any trash you see, or if you want to make a big difference, go searching for litter to pick up.

Leave the beach with millions of photos. Have a photoshoot as a way to get your kids to want to have a family portrait.

If you go to the beach all day, try and make it for the sunrise. It's not so pleasant to wake up at dawn in your house, but it's worth it if you get to the beach in time for the sunrise!

Stay after the sunrise to gaze at the moon over the water for hours.

Walk in the rain on the beach.

Body surf the waves.

Dress in flip flops, Hawaiian shirts, and capris. (Of course, wear a bathing suit, too!)

Go out to lunch in your swimsuit and flip flops.

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