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Transfer of energy: Oils transfer of energy is from chemical energy to heat.

Machines used to mine oil: The machine is called a pump jack.

This is an oil rig used to go get oil underground

This is an oil rig used to go get oil underground

Availability of the source: Oil is widely available but slowly running out, oil comes from underground and is difficult to mine

Missouri oil use: 1310 barrels of oil per day

Us oil consumption: 18.6 million barrels per day

Oil is a renewable resource but comes back extremely slow

Future of oil: if we keep using it at the rate we are, we might find ourselves in an oil crisis.

Economic advantages: produces money for the economy.

Economic disadvantages : oil producing countries and non oil producing countries start wars over oil

Environmental advantages: Doesn't help the environment but has a high heating value

Disadvantages: When oil is burned it produced waste and hurts the environment.

Interesting facts: Oil is the number 1 energy source The us consumes the most oil per day The value is oil in increasing due to the demand of oil

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