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How to eat potato chips

Eat Potato Chips


Go to your local corner store and grab your favourite bag of chips. In the U.K. They're called "crisps".

Some may prefer getting an exotic flavour like ketchup or all dressed; but the reliable "plain" are always a good choice!

Once home, open your bag of chips by grabbing the middle of both sides and pulling apart

Reach in and grab a single chip

Pull out a chip

Bring chip to mouth and place inside. Some like to do the "deposit" method and place the chip on their tongue and retract the chip and tongue together. But we're doing the classic method of "placing".

Close mouth, chew, and enjoy. Repeat until bag is empty!

Side note: to get all that you can out if this experience; lick your finger and stick it into the bag and gather the remaining crumbs and salt that you can. My assistant refused to do this!

  • 1.0 Favourite bag of potato chips
  • 1.0 Hand
  • 1.0 Mouth