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How to dutch braid your hair

Dutch Braid Your Hair


Brush out hair, parting just below the ear where the most unsightly part of the braid

As if you were beginning to plat, separate a small section of hair into three pieces.

Begin to plat hair backwards. This mean that the outer sections go under the braid. In a regular plait these who have gone inwards not out wards.

Make a fringe of long hair and brush over face. This hair will become part of the braid.

As you plait along, add small pieces of hair, creating a braid.

When you reach the opposite side of the head and have used all of the "fringe" hair, continue the braid using the brushed remaining hair.

This will eventually use all of the remaining hair, leaving a long piece that hasn't been braided.

Plait the last peice of hair and tie it with an elastic band. Thus can be bobby pinned the braid, finishing the braid in a carousel like shape.

  • 1.0 Brush(optional)
  • 2.0 Bobby Pins
  • 1.0bnch Hair