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Hi guys so I'm making a drawing contest !! I'm gonna tell you about the competition in the next slide !! 🌷🌸

Ok the rules are you need to draw a person !! Cartoon , Chibis or realistic and no pics from the Internet coz I'm very good at tech so I know when your cheating or not !!

The last day is August 11th so a nice good 8 days for preparing but if you want some more time you can always tell me in the comments

And if you want to draw 2 drawings but not more you can !! And when you want to enter tell it in the comments with the guide has my name on it for more questions feel free to ask me !!

1st : ANY SINGLE THING YOU WANT !! And becoming Snapguide besties :) 2nd: follow likes in the best guide you have and a shoutout 3rd : like on one guide and a follow !!

Bye !! XX Haifa 😝✌🏻️

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