How to drawing contest

Drawing Contest


I know there are a lot of drawing contests and it isn't very original, but I might think of something better

Rule 1:- it MUST be your own design and not of the internet please be honest as I trust you The deadline is 1st August and I hope to get at least 5 entries And the don't need to follow me to enter😊

PRIZES 😆 1st place - I will follow you and mention you on all of my guides and like all your guides and we can be besties

2nd prize - I will follow and like all your guides and we can be really good friends

3rd prize - I will like all your guides and we can be friends

BTW, when I get to 10 followers, I plan to do either a staring contest where you guys post a video of you staring as long as you can, or a dance routine, pls comment below which one you wanna see

Random cookie monster😆 a bit of motivation I guess

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