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~The Rose🌹

Start by drawing a horizontal oval with a curve U coming from the bottom.

Add petals coming outward from the inside bottom of the U shape (See next step for clarification)

Darken the inside rim of all the petals

Shade in the petals going from dark to light. Add a spiral in the starting oval and shade in. Also add downward lines and shading to the U shape (which in partly covered in petals).

Add a triangle of lines at the base of the flower head and draw a stem.

Draw thorns on the stem and a short ground line below the stem.

Add a jagged leaf outline to the stem.

Fill in the leaf like you did with the petals but with jagged lines in stead of strait ones.

Add a title if desired

More flowers coming soon! 🌺🌸

  • 1.0 Paper of any kind
  • 1.0 A wooden pencil
  • 1.0 Eraser in case if mistakes