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First you want to get a nice shape for your mouse's body...try to have a bit of a curve for it's back.

Try to have about a quarter of the mouse's body for the head (but still have a bit of a neck making it stick out).

For the ears have one of them overlapping the head (not too much) and have another tucked behind the back of the head.

For the eye (only the one that you can see) draw a little oval shape with pointed ends. Fill in 3/4 quarters with your pencil and then round off the remaining white.

For the paws it isn't that hard...just do a couple of curled/wavy lines. Leave some room for the block of wood to go, though.

For the wood create a block about 3/4 quarters of the mouse's size. For the wood texture try to do some wavy lines of different lengths.

For the cheese draw a small right triangle...then put one line close to that (but still at the same angle) and then a line connecting the two. Make the cheese piece into a swiss cheese piece.

Shade in the mouse as needed!

  • 1.0 Pencil
  • 1.0 Pencil Sharpener
  • 1.0 Eraser
  • 1.0 Piece of Paper
  • 1.0 Ruler