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Sit-For sit you take a treat and guide their nose upwards. Instinctively they will sit, almost like begging. If this does not work right away just pull their collar or scruff up, push their butt down

Down-For down you take two treats and make your dog sit. Then you will guide their nose down to the floor and they will have to bend down into a crouch position. Then push them down to the floor.

Roll over-Make your dog go down, and then take a treat and guide their nose with the treat in a circular motion around their head. Do this very slowly, help by pushing them when they get stuck.

Stay-For stay make sure your dog is in a sleepy mood so they do not always come bounding towards you. Then say sit and put your hand in a wait position. ๐Ÿ‘‰๐Ÿผ next slide is the rest

Keep your hand in wait position. Then slowly walk backwards to insure they do not move. Start with 5-10 steps for puppies. If your dog is older they will be more patient so you can do 10-20 steps.

Wait position

Wait position

  • 15.0 Treats
  • 1.0 Dog