How to do you suffer arthritis pain?

Do You Suffer Arthritis Pain?


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I was diagnosed with bursitis, arthritis, and a superior labrum tear in my right shoulder. I have been in pain for months. I was given an Rx of an ointment and physical therapy

I tried the ointment for two days and nothing was better. I then remembered my mother had terrible arthritis when she was alive and use to take these two natural supplements. I decided to try them.

I started taking 3 yucca an 4 alfalfa in the morning and again at lunch and lastly at dinner. After 3 days of this regime I have virtually NO pain. I can actually reach over my head with no pain.

I can't begin to explain the pain I was in. I would wake up crying in pain. I won't go into it. You get the idea. By the way I'm only in my 40's

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7-5-13 I wrote this last week and adding a page. I forgot to take this for a couple days and woke up In pain. I took a few yucca and the pain is gone again. I hope this helps you or a loved one.

  • Yucca capsules
  • Alfalfa tablets