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How to do my hair care routine

Do My Hair Care Routine


Hey everyone! :) This was a requested guide on what I do with my hair and what products I use. :) So, here it is!

The first thing I do is obviously wash my hair. My shampoo is L'oreal sulfate free Ever Sleek, and my conditioner is the same. I use my palms to rub it in, because it gives better circulation.

As soon as I get out of the shower I let my hair drip everywhere while I get dressed. After this, I take an old t shirt and gently squeeze the water out. Do NOT rub! This causes breakage and frizz.

Next, I will use my Moroccan argan oil, taking a penny sized amount and massaging it into the ends of my hair. The picture above says shampoo, but the bottle is the same as the argan oil.

And then I take my wide tooth comb, which you can get anyway for around a dollar, and starting at the ends, gently comb my hair out. Be gentle as to not break the hair off.

Next, depending on if I will be using heat or not, I either spray in a heat protectant or I let it air dry after blow drying my bangs. I use heat around once a month as to avoid split ends.

My hair is naturally straight, so if I want heatless curls I will wrap them up in rollers, use socks, or a headband to curl my hair heat free. Once my hair is dry, I simply take out the curlers.

I get my hair trimmed every 2-3 months to cut off any dead ends. And that's it! :) Thanks for reading, guys!

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