Apply lotion evenly over face and neck

Apply cc cream that matches your skin tone evenly on face and on your neck

Then you'll want to find a concealer a shade lighter than you skin tone and blend it below your eyes and on the bridge of your nose

After you'll take a powder foundation and apply lightly to your face, careful not to apply to much in one area!

Then there are two ways to give yourself cheek bone, way one and way two

WAY ONE Get a contouring powder or liquid and apply to temples and right below cheek bone and under your chin on the bone to contour your face

Way two Find a peachy blush and apply lightly to apples of cheeks swiping back to your hair line and on nose(where you put some of your light concealer, not under your eyes)

Find any mascara and apply to upper lashes liberally, then apply to outer half of bottom lashes on both eyes

YOI ARE DONE, you're gorgeous nowwwww, sorry no pictures I'm sick

  • Face lotion
  • Cc cream
  • Pressed powder
  • Light concealer
  • Contouring powder
  • Blush
  • Mascara