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How to do a sneaky pawn-pawn capture in chess: en passant

"En passant" means "in passing" in French. It's just a sneaky way for a pawn to capture other pawns. It's a totally legitimate chess rule! It can surprise opponents at times, which is great, for YOU!


When a pawn jumps forward 2 squares (on its 1st move of the game) and lands next to an enemy pawn... The enemy pawn can slide diagonally behind and capture the long-jumper! It's weird.

g4! (attack the queen!)

But white forgot about the En Passant! ...hxg4!

But white forgot about the En Passant! ...hxg4!

Try using a really bad, thick French accent in your live-games: AHN PAH-SAHNNH!! But that's only IF you ever get to do this move at all... It's rare so have fun when you get the chance to bust it out!

Go on, puff out your inner chess-nerd chest... You've earned it.

  • 1.0 Chessboard
  • 2.0 pawns
  • 1.0 opponent