I would like to say that I'm sorry for not having any pics to put on this guide (it will all be text) :( and also i haven't been on snapguide for sooooo long!

Firstly, STRETCH! It's very important to stretch before doing any skill. The skill this guide will be showing you how to do is a leg mount. The leg mount requires some leg & hip flexibility.

Some stretches you can do to help with your leg mount are: splits, pike, straddle, middle splits and leg pulls.

Now get ready to execute the leg mount. Grab your heel and pull your leg up. If you are a beginner, hold the tip of your foot and pull your leg up.

If you need it, lean against a bar/wall etc. for balance. When you get the skill and can do it confidently, try it without the wall.

Pull your leg up as close as possible to your body and there you have it! Follow & like for more guides! CHECK ME OUT ON WATTPAD & MY NEW BOOK! LINK IN BIO!!!!!!!

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