How to do a deadlift

Do a Deadlift


The first step do a deadlift should always be to pick an appropriate weight. Deadlifting wrong can lead to many injuries that can be permanent. Suitable weights can decrease chances of injury.

Once you’ve picked a suitable weight, hinge over the bar while keeping a flat back. Keep the bar in contact with your shins and plot your hands right below your shoulders. Grip the bar very tightly.

Keep your hands approximately 3 inches from your shins. Push your knees out and keep gaze straight forward as you keep your chest up. This is the default takeoff position for your deadlift.

Once your in your takeoff position, take a deep breath and slowly start to lift the weight. Engage your back and glutes to keep it tight. Your back must stay level at all times during the deadlift.

As you pull, continue to put all weight on your heels. Squeeze the bar close to your body and keep the effort going. Lock your shoulders back.

As you finish your journey, dig your heels in and stand straight up. Stand with good posture with your shoulders back and a strong back. This is the ending position of your deadlift.

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