How to do 4 at-home arm work outs- low weight edition

Do 4 At-Home Arm Work Outs- Low Weight Edition


Chest-Fly Hand Off: Lying down on your yoga mat, bend your knees and lift one weight in your right hand up above your chest.

Hand the weight off to your left hand and bring your arms back down. Keep your elbows slightly bent., as shown in the photo. Do two sets of thirty reps. (Each handoff is one rep).

One-Arm Triceps Extension: Standing with your feet shoulder width apart and your back straight, lift the dumbbell upward with your dumbbell until your triceps are fully contracted.

Lower your arm back down to a 90 degree angle. Do 15 reps on one arm, and then repeat on your other arm. Do three sets of these, so 90 reps total.

Standing Biceps Curl: Standing straight with a dumbbell in each hand and your palms facing forward, curl the weights while contracting your biceps until they reach shoulder level.

Pause, and then bring your arms back down to the original starting position. Do three sets of twelve.

Upright Row: With your feet hip distance apart, and a dumbbell in each hand, and palms facing your body, raise the dumbbells to your shoulders.

Bending your elbows as shown in the picture. Lower your hands down to the original position. This is one rep. Complete two sets of 15 reps.

  • 1.0 Yoga Mat
  • 2.0 Dumbbells (5-7 lbs.)