You will need coconut oil and lemon juice it does not matter wat type off lemon juice it could be freshly squeezed or bought at the store

Next you scoop your desired amount of coconut oil into a glass cup if your hair is really thick use 2 tbl spoons

Next microwave for at least 30 seconds and then add desired amount of lemon juice to your cup

If your lemon juice is cold an you put it in your hot coconut oil be sure to stir the stuff so it does not harden

Next you apply mask to damp hair from roots to tail tip and leave in for at least an hour the longer you leave in

The softer your hair will be and lighter your hair will be because lemon juice lightens the color of ur hair

Next after you have left in for a hour rinse out and shampoo and condition and that's all u do

You should do this every day because if you do t double shampoo and condition like me than your hair will be real greasy

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