How to disguise a pimple

Disguise a Pimple


Grab an aspirin tablet and let it dissolve in hot water till it gets gritty and turns to a paste. Put about a tiny drop of hot water for It to dissolve in. A lot wont work.

Scrape the grit out of the bottom And put on the pimple.

Do not wipe it Off. Let it dry on your face. Once it's dry u should be able To brush it off easily.

That has sucked the moisture out of the pimple. The pimple should be smaller now.

Then take your eye drops and drop it on the pimple. Leave it there until it takes away the redness. Wipe off excess.

Your pimple should be smaller and less red now!! :))

  • Aspirin
  • Eye drops
  • Hot water
  • Concealer