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How to decorate you front door as santa

Decorate You Front Door as Santa


Use red for the suit.

Use red for the suit.

Cut out the face and nose

Cut out the face and nose

Cut out the belt and the buckle using black and yellow paper.

Cut out the hat using red paper

Tape the red long paper to your door. Fold it over the top and under the bottom and tape it on the inside of the door.

Glue the face and the nose down on top of the red paper.

Tear apart the cotton balls and glue them under the nose to create a beard.

Tape the red hat to the top part of the door frame and use the cotton balls for the ball at the end and the bottom.

Now glue the eyes and the belt and buckle down to the red paper.

You now have a Santa door!

  • Long sheet of paper (big enough for your door)
  • White, black, red, and yellow construction paper
  • Glue
  • 1.0 Tape
  • Cotton balls or curly hair