How to debone chicken 101, jacques pépin's way

This is a remake of chicken deboning by the remarkable chef, Jacques Pépin. Once you overcome the shyness of deboning, you'll soon realize how much you can save, and get out of just one chicken.


As with all chicken prep, ensure it's cleaned first. Next, it's better to put it into a freezer, yes freezer, for at least 20 mins before it gets frozen stiff. Then it'll be easier to handle later.

Just before you start, give the bird one last wipe with a kitchen towel. Ensure also that your knives are all sharpened. Even then, you'll soon see that we don't use the knives as often as we like.

can make sauteed spinach or other stuffings for your chicken. Then roll it up as shown and tie it up for a galantine or ballotine. I may post a guide for that soon so stay tuned. Thank you for liking.

  • 1.0 Antibiotic-free organic chicken
  • 1.0 Sharp paring knife
  • 1.0 Sharp medium sized knife
  • 1.0 Chopper or cook's knife