Whether it's a crummy, rainy day, or you're home alone, or all your friends are busy, busy, busy, we all experience boredom😐.

Therefore, I shall create a guide to try and cure boredom!!

Try to write a story. Or a series of short stories. They don't have to make any sense; just let your imagination carry you away!💟

Draw. Sketch. Paint. Do some kind of form of art! And who cares if your piece doesn't come out pretty? It's truly the thought that counts!🎨

Write a letter to someone. Or pretend to write one to someone.✒️💌

Read📖. I personally love reading(😋), but I know plenty of people who strongly dislike reading(😢).

Make food for yourself. Or order Chinese food or pizza😋.🍕🍚

Bake cookies, cake, cupcakes, or anything that tastes spectacular!🍪🍰

Prank call one of your friends! 📞

Record a video of yourself singing. Nobody ever said you had to be a professional, though. You could act silly as you do this!😜😋

If you have no creative bone in your body whatsoever, you can do other things, too. These ideas just may not appeal to most people.

Listen to music🎧.

Watch T.V.📺

Go through all the guides on Snapguide.👍

Surf the internet.💻

Play a video game.🎮

Clean...this is one thing that I'm horrible at doing!😂


I hope this helped anyone who was bored! Comment or message me if you have anything I missed or anything that should be added! Follow for a follow!😋

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