How to create a mini survival terrarium

Create a Mini Survival Terrarium


When you have everything put the small stones at the bottom then add the dirt to get ready to put everything in.

Lightly water the plants with the spray bottle then place them in slowly in the soil.

When you get everything put in. You close it and leave it in a sunny spot. Water it at most 1 time a week.

When you need to clean it. Get a cotton swab and cut off the head and put on a small piece of wire that is bent. Don't use chemicals or you might kill the plants.

If you want to add ants. Make a small bowl out of a bit of aluminum foil. When you are done that put in a little bit of bread and ham and water.

It should kind look like this when you are done

You can add any type of plant that you want to make it look cooler.

  • 1-3 liter jar
  • 1.0bnch Small little plants of your choice
  • 1.0lb A bit of dirt and small pebbles
  • And a small sprayer to keep your plants moist