How to create a hamster hideaway

Create a Hamster Hideaway


1. Access pop-up notifications, text messages, and e-mails directly from your locked home screen. You don't have to first swipe to unlock your phone and then open the App.

2. Tap to scroll up to the top of the page on web sites, email, contacts and many other apps.

3. When typing, rather than switching to the number keyboard and then back to the letter keyboard, tap and hold the "123" key, then drag it to a number to select it.

4. Read websites more easily. Some websites have a reader button in the URL bar at the top of a web page . Tap on it to see a much clearer text version of the page. Not all websites have this.

Hope these helped. And don't forget to tap on the images to see the whole image.

  • iPhone/iPod/iPad