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How to create a charater in diablo three for ps4

Create a Charater in Diablo Three for Ps4


First thing you wanna do is to turn you tv on via remote or by manual

Then once your tv is on you turn on your console but for the ps4 press the little PlayStation button on the controller

Then after you hear a whirling from the PlayStation that means it is on and is starting the functions of the system

(Extra for in case there is a disc in the PlayStation). Press options and click "remove disc" if you have a disc in there already

Now that your PlayStation is on you click the profile that you wanna use to play Diablo 3 it can be a extra one you made or your personal one

After you click the profile you want then you can put your disc in the game console and let it load and after it loads you wanna click the X button to start it

After you start the game has started you'll be introduce to a cut scene or a cinematic of the game start then after that you'll be introduce to a character selection scene

If you wanna watch it then look up Diablo 3 starting cinematic (this is another extra step but this one is optional)

Once the character selection scene you can pick what class you want. You have a barbarian, monk, demon hunter, witch doctor, and crusader from the reaper of souls

After you make a character select what gender you want and then you can make your own name or use one from the random generator. After that is done you can start playing the game

  • Tv
  • Controller
  • A copy of Diablo 3
  • Playstation 4