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How to create a beautiful "save the date" in a box

Create a Beautiful "Save the Date" in a Box


I should apologize now for camera quality, it is absoloutly terrible- I plan on re-taking the photos at some point

Using two fingers, push gently on the corners of your eyelid so it becomes taut and you can be more accurate

Using your dots as a guideline, use your eyeliner and wiggle the tip in between your lashes, approaching it as you usually would, but with small wiggly- dabby motions (technical term)

Keep the line thin, this is very discreet, and you are not supposed to see the line at all

When you have finished, use a make up removing wipe and wipe over your eyelid to remove any mistakes. You can afford to be quite strong with this, anything in the right place won't move very quickly!

It is awkward to get off, given how it is effectively in your lash line so BE WARNED-I find it helps to wash your face, paying attention to eyes (and not getting water in them) when most is off

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