How to copy and paste a url from evernote to showbie

Copy and Paste a URL From Evernote to Showbie


Step One: If you have not yet downloaded the apps Evernote and Showbie install them now. Do this by clicking on the app called App Store and then typing in Evernote in the search bar at the top right.

Step Two: Once the app has showed up, press the download button and type in your apple ID password when asked to. Do this again when downloading Showbie. Wait for the two apps to install.

Step Three: Once Evernote and Showbie are downloaded, click on the app Evernote, and wait for the page to load. Then click on the notebook that you want to copy.

Step Four: After you have opened up the notebook you would like to copy, click on the button that looks like a tiny rectangle with an arrow in it. This should open up three options.

Step Five: One of the three options should say 'Copy', click on this button, and wait for however long it takes to copy. It may take a couple of seconds, or a couple of minutes - just be patient.

Step Seven: After your notebook has finished being copied open up Showbie by going back to the home screen (clicking on the button on the bottom of your device) and click on the app that says Showbie.

Step Eight: To paste a URL into Showbie, you must also have an assignment set. Assignments will be shown on the left bar of your screen. Click on the one that you would like to paste the URL into.

Step Nine: When you've clicked on the assignment that you'd like to paste the URL into, press the button on the top right (a plus sign.) Six options should so up.

Step Ten: On the very bottom left of the six options, there should be a button saying 'Text Note'. Click on this and the options should go away, replaced by a square text box.

Step Eleven: Tap on the square text box with your finger once, and the word 'Paste' should spontaneously appear. Once clicked on, your URL will be pasted into the square text box.

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