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I take no responsibility for any injuries or damage that may occur while following this guide, be smart be safe

1. First you need to place the tire on the machine with the valve stem up and at 7 o'clock

2. Make sure to take off all weights

3. You then need to remove the valve stem core to release all the air remaining in the tire

4. After all the air is gone you need to tighten the piece that holds the tire in place

5. After the locking piece is as tight as possible you then press the pedal to activate the machine

With the pedal is fully depressed the machine will push up against the tore from underneath breaking the seal to the rim, hold down the pedal so the tire stays lifted

6. Be sure to lube it up with the lube solution

7. After the lubing you can ready the other side to break the seal

8. Position the tool so it is underneath the lip of the rim you then depress the pedal forcing the tool down on the tire, hold down the pedal to keep the tire down for lubing

9. Release the pedal and break the seal all around the tire on top and bottom and then lube it all

10. You then put the tool to take the tire off in between the tire and the rim, put the ball side towards the tire

11. Position the tool at 5 o'clock so that the top of the threaded piece slips into the slot on the tool

12. Hold the tool down as you press and hold down the pedal, once it starts turning REMOVE YOUR HANDS it will stay on by itself once it is moving

13. After the top of the tire is over the rim you can begin lubing the bottom, position the tire properly by lifting the back up

14. This is to make it easy to put in the tool, pepper step 10 but with the bottom of the tire rather than the top

15. Once the tire is off the rim you need to mark whether or not it is still good or garbage, write OK then the tire size if it is good or a large X if it isn't

16. Remove the old valve stem by pinching and using leverage to break the bottom off

And that is how you take the tire off of a rim (on this particular machine) I hope you enjoyed it and i hope it will help you take one off.

  • 1.0 Tire on rim
  • 1.0 Tire Changing Machine With its Tools
  • 1.0 Wheel Weight Remover (modified pliers)
  • 1.0 Large Metal Shears
  • 1.0 Valve stem core remover