How to cook colorful pasta

Cook Colorful Pasta


Ok so first a note: This is how to make Colorful Pasta for two people, considering each person gets two cups of pasta! And the butter is optional, I know I don't use it but some people do... An last👉

Dont forget the meat! If you wanna substitute it for something else thats fine-I wont tell you how to cook it but I just wanted to add it so you know its there for the pasta!!! Oh and u can add sides

First up: Grab your tomatoes! Cut them in half (there was a guide earlier that showed a good way to do this). Put them aside. Now you will need a lettuce leaf for every personSo go ahead and wash them

Here are the tomatoes!! Don't have to cut the lettuce though... I usually serve the pasta over a whole lettuce leaf but you can chop it up like so.

Now Im using a box of multi colored bow ties I got at Walmart (its cheap). So im gonna follow the instructions on the box... Add salt and pepper to taste...

While thats going I shall make chicken to accompany the pasta. Sometimes the pasta likes having an escort to my mouth ;).

So now... Get the lettuce on the plate, place bow ties on top... Add tomatoes. Grab some chicken to put next to pasta...

Serve and Enjoy! As they say in France: Bon Appetit! Follow me and I will follow u! Comment please! Ps Sorry no pics!!! My family started making my dish without me and they did something totally diff

  • 1.0c Cherry Tomatoes
  • 4.0c Bowtie pasta
  • Lettuce Leaves
  • Butter
  • Salt and Pepper
  • Meat